TRULY Free Medical Cannabis for Veterans in Michigan

Free Green is a non-profit organization in Michigan that provides FREE cannabis education, consultation, and products to Veterans in Michigan.

Unlike other “free” cannabis services which essentially sell cannabis products and hide the cost in delivery or other fees, we truly provide FREE medical cannabis to Veterans at NO CHARGE whatsoever. Veterans pay absolutely nothing for any service or product we provide/deliver.

Which is why we need your donations!

We have been working all summer to create relationships with growers and suppliers.

We are now confident that we have access to enough product to adequately supply our clients, so we are NOW ENROLLING individual clients as well as scheduling larger-scale giveaways.

Please donate to help us provide FREE medical cannabis to a veteran in Michigan today!


Why cannabis?

Cannabis products (e.g., CBD, THC) have shown great promise in reducing chronic pain, nausea, symptoms of epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease, anxiety, depression, PTSD and even alcohol/opiate addiction.

Cannabis products are legal for medical and recreational use within the state of Michigan and are on the verge of becoming federally legal for use by veterans.


Why Free?

We believe ALL health care is a human right and therefore should be FREE. This is especially true for health care that can be grown right out of the ground!

We have ground to make up - decades of misinformation about cannabis have led to unnecessary suffering for too many people already.

We will provide FREE, easy to access information about cannabis and its potential uses, coach our clients on safe and responsible use of cannabis, and provide FREE cannabis products (as the law allows) to clients to help them feel better.

Why Veterans?

Unfortunately, due to the current federal illegality of cannabis and antiquated political ideas about cannabis, the VA cannot offer any information about cannabis to its clients even when cannabis may be a far better option than mainstream pharmaceuticals.

As a result, knowledge of and access to cannabis is extremely limited at this time, particularly for older veterans (age 65+) who constitute abut 50% of the veteran population in Michigan.